Online Bidding Procedure

We want to make your experience at the online auction enjoyable and easy to understand.  Below are some tips that will help you through the auction bidding process.

  1. Select Current Auctions under Auction tab. This will take you to the Auction/List View page.
  2. Select the property that you are interested in viewing.  This section features a description of the property.
  3. Select the Auction Details tab for additional auction information, terms and conditions, bid increments and payment information.
  4. Select Auction Preview tab for multiple photos.
  5. Select View Catalog tab and click on address for virtual tour, location map and MLS listing sheet.
  6. Select Register to Bid tab and enter your personal details in order to set up online bidding access.
  7. The auction registration system requires a credit card.  Your card will be authorized for $1.00.  You may see this on your account, but once the verification process is complete the $1.00 charge will be removed.  It is used for identity verification purposes only.  No money will actually be charged to your card to bid.
  8. If you do not have a credit card, please contact us in advance to discuss alternate arrangements.
  9. Place a bid while the prices are low to become familiar with the online bidding system. We do not want you to have problems later!
  10. You will not win if you do not bid.  If the price seems reasonable, BID NOW!

Important Note:

Please do not wait until the last day before the auction closes to register and place your first bid.  It is important to register in advance.  If your information is not correct or is incomplete, the system will not let you bid.

If you have problems during the registration process, please contact us.  We want to be able to assist you.  Sometimes it may take several minutes to help you, and you may not have time to place your bid, if the bidding is about to close.